Experiences of Belgian Veterans

The best way to discover the Belgian participation of the Korean War is to listen to the remarkable accounts of those soldiers who actually served during the conflict. Each of their stories is fascinating and helps us discover another piece of what it was like.


Jan Dillen was a Captain-Commandant and platoon commander in the Belgian contingent between 1953-5.


Frans Goossens was a Sergeant in the Heavy Weapons Company and is a veteran of the Battle of Haktang-Ni. He was personally entrusted with the mission of rescuing Lieutenant-Colonel Cools after a catastrophic night patrol.


André Saxe served at the Battles of Haktang-Ni and Chatkol, rising to the rank of First Sergeant from his service in Korea. He passed away in 1992, but we are indebted to his son, Mr. Ronny Saxe for providing us with an excellent account of his father’s memories.


We are very eager to hear more stories from those who served in, or with, soldiers of the Belgian-Luxembourg Contingent. If you have a story which you would like to share with us, please click HERE.